California Pebble Pool Plaster Exposer

The installation process has been truly revolutionized when using our California Pebble Pool Plaster. It’s your pool and it’s your back yard. Which would you prefer:

Front Yard Experience and Product Quality

The traditional construction site process using a less-than-exact science mixture of plaster, aggregate and accelerant extemporarily blended in your front yard by hand, by onsite laborers. The process is messy and requires tarps and a giant slurry semi-tractor-trailer-truck. In contrast, California Pebble products are precisely preblended at our plant requiring only a small concrete pump and a plaster truck minimizing the mess and the number of processes required to be performed right in your own front yard.

Back Yard Experience and Installation Process

Traditional plaster products turn your back yard into a major construction site. It is an evasive process requiring ropes are crisscrossed above your pool and tied to your house and large structures to suspend water hoses and electrical lines. Then, before the plaster hardens aggregates are also randomly scattered by laborers, by hand over the plaster coating to accent the less-than-exact science mixture that was concocted by a construction crew in your front yard.

Plaster is also problematic in that it coats the aggregate in a haze-like finish and has be to be misted off by water during the curing process to help bring out the aggregate. After the curing process of 24-48 hours the plaster finish still requires an additional acid wash over the entire surface, done by hand to remove more of the plaster coating to better expose the aggregate. The “cloudy haze” after your pool is filled can prevent your newly remodeled pool from looking clear for weeks and sometimes months.

California Pebble precisely preblended products are applied and exposed with one spray wand and a pressure washer. No ropes crisscrossed above your pool and tied to your house and large structures to suspend water hoses and electrical lines, no construction laborers blending by hand, no laborers scattering aggregate by hand to compensate for a less-than-perfect product blend and finally no evasive processes to your home or structures. Your pool is crystal clear the moment it is filled, not weeks or months later. California Pebble Pool Plaster products are simply revolutionary new products that streamline the installation process, is intrusive on your property, and offers you a better overall remodeling experience.

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Get Peace of Mind

Thinking about remodeling or building a new pool. Quality products matter when it comes to your biggest investment. When you use California Pool Finishes products you get expertly premixed formulas mixed with plaster, quartz, pozzolans, and polymers. This is the same ancient formula used to build the Colosseum and Pantheon, still standing 2,000 years later and is used by expert pool builders.

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Recommended Start Up Instructions

CA Pool Finishes recommends that you follow a specific procedure when starting up your newly remodeled or plastered swimming pool. The pool finish will immediately start to hydrate and cure after mixing and is most susceptible to staining, scaling, and discoloration during this time period. Proper start up procedures are critical and include the timely brushing of the pool surface. It is mandatory that the water chemistry is constantly monitored and adjusted for the best results. The start up procedures must be performed by the pool owner or a trained technician during the service life of any pool or spa surface.